In the late 1980's -'90's, Anita Jawary worked as a freelance journalist  and academic. She published over 200 articles in the Australian Jewish News and selected pieces in The Age and The Herald Sun. 

In 2004 she self published her 'O-Book' The Perpetual Table v1 containing family stories and recipes illustrated with her first series of still life pastel drawings.

In 2011-12 she produced and broadcast her radio program Artytpes  for Lion FM Radio and created The Dickensian Challenge, undertaking to write and broadcast a story a week. At the time she was drawing about 350 hits a week to her site. 


Anita is grateful to JWOW2021  for inviting her to publish a selection of The Dickensian Challenge stories in serial format:

The Judges



With an easing of family commitments and the time afforded by lockdowns, Anita took up poetry and creative writing as a daily routine.

Anita is very grateful to Michael Schwartz for his encouragement and for publishing her first ekphrastic poems on his NGV blogsite, Be Guided By Art:  

The Melon, Three Cabbages, David Hockney, Bruised Peaches, The Paper Boy and The First Cloud 


Anita is grateful to editor of the Jewish Literary Journal, Aaron Berkowitz, for publishing her poem, This Water  and her short story Transit in JLJ.


Anita is also grateful to Stan Galloway for inviting her to read and discuss her work on his Pier-Glass Poetry Panel 1.6, May series. View here.


Kind thanks are also due to editor-in-chief Steven Wittenberg Gordon of Songs of Eretz Review for welcoming her two poems Two Roses and Passion Flower into his Spring edition, and for his insightful and appreciative comments:-While love poems involving roses are as old as love and roses, Jawary has managed the near impossible by bringing something fresh and new to the metaphor.  There is a tasteful eroticism here, too--again, no simply feat!  SWG

Jawary uses personification brilliantly here, resulting in a poem full of love, jealousy, lust, and tasteful eroticism. SWG

Grateful to Steven Wittenberg of Songs of Eretz Review for publishing my poem Calling Your Name in his Fall 2021 issue.  Jaway’s passion speaks within her framework of figurative language, metaphor, and repetition. TLC

Grateful to JWOW for publishing my short story PACMAN with my art work. 

Grateful to JWOW for publishing my short story Natural Disasters together with my art work. 

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