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October is a Good Month - A New Poem and a New Story

Dear Friends, I am pleased to tell you that you can read my story, Pacman, published by Jewish Women of Words.They also published my drawing to go with the story. I am most grateful to them.

Pacman is a short story (600 words only) that examines how we change under necessity. What do we keep of our past selves? What do we discard?

I am also pleased to share my good news that Songs of Eretz has published my poem Calling Your Name.

Editor Steve Wittenberg writes "Jawary’s passion speaks within her framework of figurative language, metaphor, and repetition."

To read the poem, go to and do a search within the document for Jawary. It's the easiest way to find it.

Thank you for supporting my writing and my art. I"m so happy to be able to share it with you.

Let's look forward to summer health and conviviality as the 2nd year of plague draws to a close.

Warm Wishes All and thank you for supporting The Dickensian Challenge.

Anita Jawary

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