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About the Artist

Anita Jawary is a Melbourne artist. She creates her art works under the pen name of Nita Jawary.

She has been making art since 2004 and is self taught.

Anita has shown her work in several group and one-man shows

and is a member of MSWPS and GEAS.

She  works in a variety of media and is now using her storytelling and poetry capacities in combination with her art to create videos.


Video Art

Peoples' Choice Award Glen Eira Artists Society 2021

One Canvas, Many Lives

One Canvas, Many Lives, Nita Jawary, 2020, video

Other Media

Maples, Nita Jawary 2020, acrylic on canvas

Song of Love, Nita Jawary, 2015, acrylic on canvas

Nita Jawary, insection, 2018

This is Not Google Maps,

acrylic on canvas

1 metre diameter.

Nita Jawary, wall sculpture, 2019,

An Even Playing Field

Bread dough, coins, tuille, foil, salt, silver necklace on wood

The Pond, Nita Jawary, 2016, watercolour on paper

Botanica 1,2,3
acrylic on canvas
painted at the St Kilda Botanical Gardens in a day. You can see the change of light as the day wore on.

Short story THE JUDGES, as printed in JWOW, also inspired by the event.

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